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I am A MisAntHroPe

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whoo hooo [24 Jul 2003|11:30pm]
I changed my Journal again so if you wanna see the whole layout here it is

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hahaha [24 Jul 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


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*Yeshterday* [24 Jul 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yesterday Jesse picked me up and I went to his casa. I gave him the Evansecence Cd with an extra song in it called "Eternal" which he liked which I love also. Then he sat down to eat and his grandparents are uber-funny even if they dont say anything. Then we went to his room, I played some Bass, and we were, well he was playing deftones, and I was trying to get the bass part down, but im slow so it took me a while. Then we went to the meeting where Gigi had a talk. After we came back home and we were in his room for a while, and he gave me this cool assh bracelet for a watch. He also gave me Dr. Martens, which are my size. THANKS JESSE!! and yea. We went down stairs and were gonna watch "Catch Me If You Can" or "How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days". We started watching Catch me If You Can, but the beginning was boring. Then Gigi gave us some caffeine I mean Coffee ice cream which she made which was totally rad and tasted very good. Then we took off the Leo movie and started wathing the 10 days one. Jesse and I made some comments during the movie and stuff and then after we hung out for about another half hour, then he took me home. During that half hour, Gigi and I imitated the Bring me to life video outside the house, and then ont he top of her staris we did the Titanic scence when they are on the front of the ship. Then I got on his pole and I spun on it once or twice which was pretty funny. After that we went inside and he took me home. ON the way home we hear Evanescence, and talked for a bit. Then I got home at 1:30 am and went straight to bed cuz my arse was tired. I love hanging out with Jesse, Prissy, and Gigi

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[24 Jul 2003|05:24pm]
I was a tad bored, and decided to do some stuff on LJ for Laura, Jess, Mar, Gp, Raq^2, you guys probably did it already but w/e
Jesse (apexxx)

Mar Star (sexinakiduckie)

Lar Lar (littlemisslaura)

Gp (lilyoshikyd)

Raq^2 (iiprlnc3ssii)

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(insert title here) [23 Jul 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today was a boring and sorta ok day, I went out in the morning, and yea, and now I am home, and yesterday was also boring I did nothing. I am helping Jesse find some cartoon thing in japanese, and the words have to be in japanese. Japanese letters in a comic strip bubble, anyone out there know where to find it, comment away.....

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[21 Jul 2003|10:44pm]
There is a video we did but for some reason it wont let me post it, so go here to watch it

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[21 Jul 2003|10:06pm]



Me in bondage with a white tee



Crazy Gigi

playing with Gigi's hair


Jesse's balls ;)

Jesse and MArk

Jesse and ME

Lickin Jesse's nipple

Mark and Me


Mark and me again

Mark staring hard at ice

Mark being stupid

Mar star and Mark


Me and Mar


Priscilla again, she looks nice in all her pics

Crazy ass Ralf

Me looking scary

Looking Scary again

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[21 Jul 2003|08:21pm]
The Band called--->!!! (chk chk chk)

Us and us being stupid


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[21 Jul 2003|06:20pm]
nasty food
the gods of hottness
me and jess
marlene and mark
meh and marstar
grabbing jess' nuts
me and jesse looking sexy, sike not me

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[21 Jul 2003|05:51pm]
Jesse is sending me the pics..so whoo hoo pics will soon be up

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WEEKEND [21 Jul 2003|03:02pm]
[ mood | LMAO ]

This weekend was awesome. On Saturday morning, Jesse picked me and my brother up at about 10 o'clock to go to the Siren Fest at Coney Island. We stopped to buy two cd's at CD World on Rt. 22. Then off to Siren Fest. On the drive there we were talking and whatnot, and then it didnt take long for us to get to Coney Island. I made fun of Jesse's idiot directions from yahoo. They show him how he has to turn, and I told him that it was for idiots who didn't know how to get places. We got there expecting Coney Island to be some big WOW place. Instead it was a rund down piece of shat. It was terribble but it was not GREAT either. We walked around for a while, and saw the Radiohead Van and we went there to get our free stuff. We are such freeloaders. The people at the van told us to come back later cause they would have more stuff. We walked around and checked where the stages were that the bands were gonna play. Then we walked on the boardwalk, and when we got there we saw the most effin funniest thing. There was this game called "Shoot the Freak", and the guy was like trying to get people to play it by saying it was a family game. The thing is that it was an actual person, dressed in crappy clothing and he looked pretty disgusting. They shot the "freak" with a paintball gun, but the dude was soo like boring, he did nothing, just walked into open spaces so he could be shot. That was funny. We were hungru so we decided to go eat at some place. We ordered 15 chicken wings and fries. THe fude was uber-dipped in grease. They gave us nothing of fries. I should have pics of what it looked like later. THe chicked did not taste like chicken, and for a quick second I missed Crown's fried Chicken on Broad St. LOL. Then after that horrible meal, we went to the arcades and Jesse and I played Tekken 4, which he kicked my arse in, but that was because, well idk why, I was suppose to win. J/K. I also played my brother who I killed with NINA!, I'm great with her. Then the music was gonna start so we went to the Main Stage, where "The Pattern" was going to kick off the Siren Fest. That has to be the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life. The dude was hillarious. He was like making love to the mike and the guitarist and smacking himself. I don't know if we have pictures, but if Jesse has them I will be sure to post them up. Then bla bla, the band were oki, and we got a shat load of free stuff at the place. They were giving out free drinks, stickers, Shampoo (garnier frutics |sp?|), and masses of other stuff. Then !!!(chk chk chk) came on. I thought they were pretty good. They mixed Electronica, and Ska with their music which sounded awesome, I have pics of that also. Then we just walked around and went to go get food at Mickey D's. Since we did that we got a little late to the Hot Hot Heat performance causing us to be way in the back. We weren't expecting to be a big crowd for them, but it was :-\. I still got pics from far, but I think you can still see some stuff. MEG I GOT PICKS OF HOT HOT HEAT!! lol. Then ya, we stayed in NY and we were gonna go see the Blood Brother's but tickets got sold out, but Jesse got one off this kid which was cool. He went to go watch them while we stayed in the car, which I didn't really care. I wanted Jess to have fun. I chilled in the Car and listened to music. Then my parents started gettin on our case and calling literally every 10 seconds, but we didn't pick up. Then Jesse came back and called them and said we caught traffic and we went to go eat. This is like 13 hours later from 10am. On the way home I was sorta thinking about what was gonna hyappen when we got home. It ended in me calling cops and my brother and father fist fighting and my little bro and sis crying. My dad thinks he is the center of the world, and that he is GOD and we have to listen to him and not talk. My brother thought the opposite and that he had to talk to tell him why we got late and why we didn't pick up the fone. I went to sleep praying it all wasn't true. I woke up on Sunday at like 815 and asked Jesse if we could go to six flags like at about 12 rather than 9. He said no problem and stuff. At around 12 Jesse came to pick me up. Priscilla, Gigi, Anaira were also with him. We got in the car and we bounced to the turnpike where we would meet Mark and Mar at a rest stop at exit 8. Took us a while, but we got there. Mar looked awesome, I hadn't seen her in a while. WE said our hellos and were off to Six Flags. In the car we listened to some blood brothers to which all of us in the car were moshing and head banging to. It was fun. We got there at around 2 something, I can't really remember what time. We went straight to Superman, cause we know the line was gonna be big. I think we waited about 1.5 hours on the line. The ride was ok but too fast, as in like the ride was short. Gigi, Priscilla, Anaira and I just start screaming before the ride even started and some people were giving us wierd faces and we stared back and what not. We went on rides and stuff, and on Nitro some girls were talking about Gigi cause she was wearing all black and stuff and she was dressed punk/goth. Jesse and I started making fun of them and abercrombie cause thats what they were wearing. Then Priscilla and I were talking about them pretty loud and like we mentioned their color shirt so they would know we were talking about them. Then we started talking like them, and skipping mind you Priscilla was also wearing black and I was dressed in like diff clothes also, like I dont want to give a label, but we were dressed and looked rockish. It was hillarious to see us acting like "beach people/white people" and to see us skipping. LMAO. After we got off Nitro, we went to go see our pictures and GIGI looked pure evil. Her eyes looked posessed which was cool as hell, and she had her tongue sticking out which was awesome, I wish we would have gotten the pic. Then we walked around and waited for Ralf to get there. We were all hot from waiting in the line and stuff, so we decided to get something to drink/eat. Then like out of nowhere we all start a water fight where we al ended up soaked. Ralf had just got there and we had soaked him already. Then we went on some more rides after about 20 mins of running after each other and getting soaked. Then we went to go on Nitro again. While on the line we were waiting and I had a shirt with me. I wanted to do something stupid so i sorta made it look like something Britney Spears would wear. People were like staring madd hard, and I was acting conceited and gay. They couldn't stop lauging. Then we did a whole bunch of stuipid stuff. Mark and Mar left at around 10. We thought they were gonna have fireworks, but they didn't We end up going to get our twelve dollar bounce tickets, which means we payed 12 bucks and we ccan come back anytime before Oct 5 cause we have a ticket. At around 1145 we go to BK and eat and stuff, and Gigi, and Priscilla get a happy meal and have these sinbad toys which we start playing with. Jesse beat me, by breaking my wing off. :\ Then we were leaving and i start dancing on a red light outside the car, look for the birds wing and get back in. They all start laughing again. Then in the car on the way back we were listening to Deftones, and were all moshing and headbanging. LoL. I get on Jesse while hes driving. All in all it was a great day.

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[18 Jul 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | content ]

*This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue, and my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun*

I decided to start my journal off with that song, because I am in love with Taking Back Sunday, they are the best band out there in my opinion, I just love their music so much. Well today went pretty boring. I woke up at around 12:30, had breakfast, and then I went back to sleep and woke up around 2-ish. Then I just cleaned my room and helped my mom clean the house. What sucked today was that we were suppose to go to the beach, but it was gonna be cloudy and rain all day, so we ended up not going to the damn beach. :(. Then I came online and guess who was online....|drumroll| MARLENE!! She was gone for the whole week down the shore at this "boot camp" thing. THey better have not hurt my babes or there is going to be some serious ass-whooping. Then I talked to Jesse, and he said that the dude that was gonna go with him to see Mars Volta was still going, so that kinda sucked. Tomorrow I'm going to Coney Islans to see some free bands, but I really wanna see HOT HOT HEAT, and I'm gonna try to take pics for Meg Keg. for brina+christineCollapse ) Then sunday I am gonna go to Six Flags with Jesse, Mark, and Mar, and that should be a shat load of fun. Its gonna br frackin awesome. Oh yea I'm trying not to curse as much cause there is no point, its pretty stupid to curse, so I made my own curse words. *this is what happens when I have too much time to myself*. I think that is it for now.

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[17 Jul 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | orgasmic ]

OMG!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO this i GREAT GREAT *swoons a billion times*
TAKING BACK SUNDAY IS PLAYING AT THE WARPED TOUR!!!!!!!!!!! and so is THE USED!!!!!! I always wanted to see both of them the most, and i sorta got bummed when they werent playing. WOW this actually made my day, and now I can wait even more to go to the warped tour

TBS rocks my socks!!!!!

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CORRECTION [17 Jul 2003|05:53pm]
Me and Jesse were just looking and it is on Hamilton St, but in boundbrook, not New Brunswick, im such a slow arse.

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whoo hooo [17 Jul 2003|05:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hopefully tomorrow as in Friday I will go see The Mars Volta at Irving Plaza. Jesse said that if Giorgio is not going, I can take his ticket, and it is only 10 dollars *swoons* (got that from Ben). Then Saturday I'm going to Coney Island to see alot of band play there for FREE!! Hot Hot Heat, The Datsuns, MOdes Mouse, and many others. Its gonna be Jesse and me in the morning and then Tessa is gonna meet with us later. I also convinced Tessa to take her sis to the Warped Tour, cause Tes was already going. Then Sunday I beleive Jesse, Mark, Marlene, and I are going to six flags. THe price is effin crazy now, its 48 dollars a head. Hopefully this will be a fun filled weekend. Then on the 9th of August, Jesse and I are going to Hamilton St Cafe (which is not on hamilton st, go figure) and were gonna see his soon to be band "Guilderbell" and I don't know but I think Agatha Factor is playing also. I'm off now cause Jesse is coming over so I can teach him some animation stuff, and hes gonna show my dad some autocad stuff. Peace |//Miguel//|

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[16 Jul 2003|08:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I really have nothing to say other than I worked today and I got 72 dollars, and I might work for the rest of the summer for 72 dollars a day, maybe more.

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...bleh [14 Jul 2003|06:20pm]
I updated my journal look/style, check it out and commment on it, so I can make it better.

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BOYS OF SUMMER!! [12 Jul 2003|01:13pm]
[ mood | gitty ]

Well, I have been having so much fun. (do not mean to rub in) But yeah, I'm having so much fun lately, though I miss my friends terribly. I miss hanging with Mar and Gp at her house, I miss fighting with Laura, even though I'm not her best friend :'(. I've been chilling alot lately with Jesse. He has to be one of the coolest people I hang out with. Well Thursday I went to PGMG (pretty girls make graves) and Calla. Calla was alright, they're mellow which i really like, but the crowd wasn't as great. Then I went to Hudson River Park, to go see PGMG. We got there at 8:30 and they were gonna go on at 9:30. Jesse, Breno, and I were waiting for Tyron. another cool friend of Jesse. We never saw him until after the show. PGMG was AWESOME!!! They are awesome live, and they actually sound like the music on the CD. Normally when I hear about other concerts, they sound very different, hence the reason its live, but PGMG was great. My fav song is "Sad Girls por Vida" (sad girls for life). After their last song, they were so great, we kept screaming to see if they would come back on, and the guy let them come back on for one more song. It was great. Right before they did their encore performance, Tyron found us, he had been there since the beginning. He taped the whole show. After while we left they were still giving out free sodas. The new 7up upside down. IT has so much gas and caffeine its unbelievable. They gave Jesse, tyron, Breno, and I so much soda, we didn't know what to do with it. I had a brilliant idea though ;-). I started shaking it alot. Then I uncapped just a tad, and then while I threw it up, I uncapped it some more. It went very high, and was spinning, showering us with soda. IT was "effin" hillarious. IT was about 11:20, and we didn't want to go home. Tyron thought I was 19 so we talked about going to a pub. LoL then I told him, I was 16, but he also said they didn't check ID's that much. We ended up going to the movies. We went to watch "Pirates of the Carribean" It was an ok movie, and I never could see Johhny Depp in that type of character, therefore showing the beauty of acting. Then it was time to go home. It was 1:50. We walked around NY for a little bit, and then Tyron took us to Jesse's car. Thank God he didn't get a ticket. HE was in a place where he could have received a ticket. Then while we were leaving I saw two more bottles :-D. I emptied out one, and then I told Jesse to get side by side with Tyron's car, and I threw the bottle hard as hell. It was funny, cause he was about to throw something back, but the light turned green, and we were off. Tyron was madd kewl, he is like the black white kid. He is white just like us, except hes black. Whad a kick arse time. On the way back we listened to some Mars Volta, which is another awesome band that you guys should consider downloading. Then we got to my house at 2:40 and we stayed talking till 3:20 in the car. Jesse told us about the time he stabbed some dude at a concert cause he was being a douche bag. LMAO the story is funny. Yea that was for thursday.

Friday I woke up at like 12:15 and then my friend Pat called to go to the Mall. I ended up saying yes, though I was Uber-Tired, but w/e. WE ended up only leaving at 3 for the mall, where we just chilled and he bought like jeans or something. I went to Hot Topic, and I saw my friend Krystle who I havent seen in like forever, so yea we hugged and talked. Then she told me I could try getting a job their because they are hiring. Talked some more, and then I left. I came home and yea, went to church till 9. At 10 we me and my brother went to watch Terminator 3, and then we went to Van Gouhs, where we called Jesse, but he didn't pick up, so we went alone. Got home at 1:15 am and then went to sleep, and now I am here. Bored, and tonite I think I'm going to NY to see this band called "Days of This", but I dunno if I wanna waste 10 dollars.

GUYS AUGUST 10!! WARPED TOUR, and then @ Krome on the 5th of sept, The Juliana Theory!!! CANT WAIT!!!
Next sunday also, six flags with Jesse, Mark, and Mar.

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[08 Jul 2003|11:16pm]
american eagle

What prep label are you?

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!!!update!!! [08 Jul 2003|04:25pm]
[ mood | :-) ]

So this whole week/weekend was awesome.
Well thursday I left NJ to go to MA. I got in the car around 10:30. We drove for a while, and we sang on the way there. I made like 4 CD's with my music in it. We stopped in CT to eat lunch. I ate lunch at Mickey D's. My brother came with us, so the ride was fun. Then we stopped again for some drinks. Me and my bro sang the whole Good Charlotte CD. It was awesome cause we actually sounded like them. We finally got to the hotel at around 5. Once there, my bro tells me that Melissa and Kelly are outside, so we go to meet them. I jumped on both of them cause I haven’t seen them in a long time. Then like they said I looked really cute because I was wearing "blazing clothes". Then I went to the pool, cause it was uber-hot up in that place. I went and swam for a while and then went out to eat with the parents. At nite I went upstairs to my room at 11:30 cause most of my friends were tired and went to sleep.

Friday, I went to the pool again, and then Kelly, Melissa, Christiana, Debbie, and I went to Molly Malone's and ate something. Then I played some pool with Breno, Manny, and Patrick. Then I see Jesse so I talk to him for a while cause I haven't seen him in the longest. Then I went to Kelly's room cause she had to get her hair straightener, so I could do her hair, but we didn't get to do it cause she went to bed. I went back to the lobby where I found pat, and me and him went to go look at the fireworks from the top of the hotel. They were awesome. Then we walked around for some more, and went to the arcade and played some games. Then he told me he had seen Nancy, and they hooked up. We talked and then it was like 1:30 am and we went to bed.

Saturday was an awesome day. I chilled with Kelly and stuff, and we went back to Molly Malone's to eat. We ate there, and then Jesse came downstairs and asked if I wanted to go to Boston with them. We left around 10:20 pm. We had to wait for Ralf, Priscilla, Mickey, and Bianca.
I went in Jesse's car with Pete and Ariela. The drive there was cool. We talked and stuff. When we got to Boston we went to American Joe's Restaurant. When we parked the car, the idiot police officer gave Ralf a ticket because he was missing a headlight. Then Jesse took some pictures of us without me knowing, and then Bianca wanted to take some pictures of us too. In the restaurant we were making fun of Ralf's plate because Jesse said it looked all pretty. Like the whole thing was pretty and fixed. Then I told Ralf they made it for him cause he’s pretty. LOL. Then Mickey was doing some stupid stuff with his food. Then he found the thermostat of the restaurant and raised it to like 90. LOL then back to like 50. Ariela ended up falling asleep on Mickey's shoulder and of course photographer Bianca took a picture of it. After we ate, we decided to walk around Boston, and we walked through some place that had a lot of clubs. We got bored and decided to follow the 'freedom trail". Pete said he felt like Harriet Tubman. LOL. Then Priscilla pointed out that along the freedom trail, there were gates with locks and all these bolts. It was ironic because it was the "FREEDOM TRAIL" and yet everything was in chains and locks. It got boring after a while, and we started walking back and we saw this gay club, and Jesse, Pete, and I started making gay statements, and Jesse was rubbing my nipples. LOL. The ride back was sort of cool because Ralf again got lost. He took the wrong exits, and Jesse was on the fone with him asking him where he was. Jesse started taking exits that had the signs danger, because "danger is fun" according to him. It was hilarious, you had to be there. We found them at a Shell station. While they waited to get their tanks filled up, Jesse got the box of Trix that were in the back seat, and started throwing them at Ralf's car while the window was open. It was funny, but then, When we were about to leave, Jesse poured the whole box in Ralf's car. Mickey got some in his socks, and Bianca got some in her hair. Then when we were almost at the hotel, Jesse threw a bottle at Ralf's car. We got back to the hotel at 3:40 am. Then we are about to get into Jesse's room and he doesn't have the key. Then we look for it, and no one has it. Then we go look for it in the car, and it was not there either. I went back to my room and slept, while they had to go through this whole process to get a key to enter their room.

We left MA about 5:50 pm and I went in Mark's car with my brother in the back seat. We called Mar Star on the way back. We talked and listened to music while Jesse threw stuff at our car. The whole way there we were speeding. LOL Mark said the car had no balls, because it took forever to go fast. We got at Jesse's house around 11:40 pm. Then we ate at Jesse's house and chilled in his room. Pete had gone back to Connecticut. Then we just chilled and Jesse "humped" me and then Mark was getting tired, and he had to take Marlene to her internship at 8:30. So he dropped us home at around 12:50 am. I woke up monday at 3:40 pm. Whooo Hoooo I slept for about 15 hours!!!

I had alot of fun, may not seem like it, but you had to be there to hear our convos and see the stuff we did.

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